Gold in the nuclear reactor.


When the first nuclear reactors in the US went online, the power of the atoms was also impressively demonstrated by the US by producing gold for presentation purposes.

In fact, gold can really be made from other fabrics.

What used to be dismissed by mysticism and alchemy and the fairytale of gold production has become a reality since the 1920s.


About 100 years ago, the first of the first time, it was possible to produce gold. Unfortunately, this has been forgotten or has never been properly publicised.

Convert mercury ferrite into gold by transmutation.

In theory, each fabric can be transformed into a different one. However, there is the question of energy use and yield.

Conversion processes cost a lot of energy and therefore the extraction of gold from mercury is not yet worthwhile.

The process of producing gold in the nuclear reactor is complex and requires a certain amount of know-how.

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Too expensive abroad too ?

Klevere dictators, however, could come up with the idea. Where human life is worth nothing and workers get only the bare necessities, it might be worthwhile for dictators to build very large gold reserves....