First DNA/ bio-computer that calculates the square root from 900.


Recently, he has been able to create a DNA computer that can count up to the quad-steppe root of 900 using transcriptors (biological transistors) and DNA/RNA memory.

Biological computers consist of biological transistors called transcriptors and DNA/RNA memory.

What use such computers will have in the future will be revealed.


Researchers expect the technology to have much higher storage densities and lifespans of up to several hundred years.

Possible applications would be as sub-processors in CPUs or computers of the military class. It would also be possible to use data centers as bio-hard drives unless other technologies are more efficient. Or simply as long-term storage for large backups.

However, bio-computers could also represent the beginning of the comma quantum computers.

Augmentations for the human body are thus getting a little closer.

DNA Strang künstlerisch in Blau dargestellt.